30 Years of Excellence


1897 Establishment of the Commercial Press

1912 Establishment of Chung Hwa Book Company

1924 Establishment of Commercial Press’s printing facility in Catchick Street, Hong Kong

1933 Establishment of Chung Hwa Book Company’s printing workshop in Tokwawan, Kowloon

1980 Establishment of C&C Joint Printing Co., (H.K.) Ltd.

2010 The 30th Anniversary of C&C

C&C Joint Printing Co., (HK) Ltd., a familiar name, bring our memory to the previous centuries when our two predecessor companies, Chung Hwa Book Company and the Commercial Press, set up in China in 1924 and 1897 respectively. The printing arms of the two companies were merged to create C&C Joint Printing Co., (HK) Ltd. in 1980.

The Commercial Press Printing Plant in Hong Kong, 1924

Commercial Press was established in 1897 in Shanghai. In the same year, a printing factory was set up, using simple printing presses and machines manufactured by its own at first and later equipped itself with advanced equipment and printing technology at that time. The Catchick Street printing facility in Hong Kong was set up in 1924 and was  moved to a newer plant in North Point in 1933.

Chung Hwa Book Company was created in 1912 and the print shop was set up in the next year. Its Juzhen Fangsong fontswas highly acclaimed in China and abroad at that time. When the government  issued its banknotes for the first time in 1935, the printing housed of Chung Hwa Book Company was a major production factory. Before long, a new printing facility was established in Tokwawan , Kowloon in 1933.

The Printing Plant of the Chung Hwa Book Company in Hong Kong, 1933

C&C Joint Printing Co.,(HK)Ltd inherited the fine tradition of the two publishing and printing giants developed itself over the years into one of largest and most prestigious printers  in the Greater China Region.

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