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AR (Augmented Reality) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input such as sound or graphics. The IT department of C&C explores to combine applications of AR and books, creating more value for our clients.

C&C made use of China Pop-up, one of the company's production with AR technology

The following video clip is a demonstration of The Story of the Gingerbread Man, C&C’s latest AR production.

2D Barcode

2D barcode bookmark

The 2D barcode is a two-dimensional way of representing information. It is similar to 1-dimensional barcode, but has more data representation capability. The guests of the C&C 30th Anniversary Cocktail Party were presented a 2D barcode bookmark as a gift embed their business title and contact.

Source: HK Government

2D barcode is widely used nowadays. For example, it is used in the the most recent open day of the Hong Kong Government House. The public can view the blossoming azaleas in the garden and admire the ambience of the building alongside their mobile phone and read the 2D barcodes embed tourist information.

You can try to generate your own 2D barcode here.


PUR has stronger adhesion and permanent bonding between glue and paper fibers, making it a stronger binding method.

C&C has recently introduced the PUR (PolyUrethane Reactive) spine glue, the latest generation of the PUR technology, to their book binding operation for both softcover and hardcover books. The latest PUR technology has become mature and much of its shortcomings (such as long curing time and stability) have been overcome. C&C has also possessed the technology and craftsmanship to apply the PUR glue widely for many of their products. When comparing with traditional EVA hot-melt glue, the PUR has many advantages: it is strong and VOC free during the manufacturing process.

PUR has stronger adhesion and permanent bonding between glue and paper fibers, making it a stronger binding method.

Please click here to read more about PUR.


The C&C Digital Asset Management system (CAMS) aims at providing a more flexible and effective means of managing and repurposing the huge volume of digital asset available at our depository. By providing a digitalized way of document management, the CAMS will help the enterprises to integrate the digital asset management workflow rapidly, increase the digital asset repurposing rate, and lessen the cost of document management.
The CAMS will lay down a concrete foundation for the company so that the company can be well prepared for the upcoming business opportunity in the near future.

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