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  • DAMS-Digital Asset Management System

    C&C’s DAMS(Digital Asset Management System) provide a platform for all kinds of digital asset like jpg, mp3 and PDF etc. All assets will be securely stored in the DAM system and retrieved via secure access methods.

    DAMS supports user-define content tagging for each publishers, which makes all digital assets highly accessible for their user. These functionalities were very important in terms of resources reuse. Our solution also supports cloud base deployment, in order to achieve unlimited scalability.

    Basic Functionalities of DAMS

    1. Easy to Use
    · Enhanced preview functionality
    · Metadata extraction
    · Conversion between different format

    2. Simplified multimedia management
    · Centralized management
    · Enhanced cooperation
    · Enhanced format support

    3. Multi-channel support
    · Content generated systematically
    · Content generated on demand
    · Workflow driven

    4. Effective
    · Centralized content storage and publishing
    · Right time, right format, right content
    · Process automatically

    5. High quality
    · Provide high quality products within a short timeframe
    · Better creation by using high quality data source
    · Improve products quality by optimizing data source and workflow

    6. Profitableo Advantage of multi-channel publishing
    · Low cost content reuse
    · Enhanced customer interaction

    Apart from the standard DAMS functionalities, our solution also includes tools for eBook generation together with an Open Publish Distribution System (OPDS) server, which provides an out of the box IOS sales channel for iPad.