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  • ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning

    C&C ERP System

    An Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrates information technology across the entire enterprise, embracing logistics, human resources management, cash flow and information management, etc. The purpose of ERP is to manage clients’ needs, business functions inside the enterprise and connection to other working partners through one integrated system. The ERP system can help facilitating cost management, work efficiency, capital management, etc., providing reliable analysis for the management level for decision making.


    C&C has self-implemented the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) for Printing Enterprise, marking the advanced development of our management information system platform, ensuring an even better production workflow and quality control of your products.


    As early as 2005, C&C started to use ERP system for storage and purchasing. The ERP system is used to facilitate the entire workflow.


    ERP Application:

    • Operation: Quotation

    • Customer Relationship Management: Job order, job order editing, Material inquiry, Work progress, Devilry

    • Project Management: Project Planning, Activity Management

    • Material Purchasing: Material Inquiry, Material Allocation

    • Manufacturing: Daily Report

    • Financial Accounting: Cost management, Budgeting

    • VIP Service: Progress Tracking


    The second generation of the C&C ERP System is underway with an updated operation platform and workflow, allowing higher efficiency and performance.