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    C&C is one of the leading international printers in Hong Kong, with a long history and good reputation. Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise, C&C is able to offer quality printing services - Total Printing Solutions, to cope with the different needs of our customers.

    The Commercial Press established its printing plant in Western District, Hong Kong in 1924  
    Printing plant of Chung Hwa Book Company in Tokwawan, Kowloon in 1933

    C&C is the special blend of experience and expertise inherited from the merging in 1980 of two Hong Kong printing works of two predecessors in mainland China, namely Chung Hwa Book Company with a history of 100 years up to 2012, and The Commercial Press, established 115 years ago. C&C became one of Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited’s group members, when the group was formed in 1988.


    Since its establishment, C&C has become diversified in business scope, covering book printing, commercial printing, security printing, packaging printing; as well as web printing, digital printing, card printing, etc. It also handles a full array of services, including pre-press, post-press and different kinds of fulfillment services. The company constantly updates its technology and renews its equipment to improve productivity and quality. In addition, it employs modern management techniques to improve its services and other corporate management practices.

    At present, C&C has thirteen wholly-owned subsidiaries, operating production sites and sales offices in Hong Kong and mainland China:

     C & C Offset Printing Co., Ltd. C & C Security Printing Co., (Shenzhen) Ltd.
     C & C Security Printing Co., Ltd. C & C Joint Printing Co., (Shanghai) Ltd.
     C & C Security Printing (Macau) Co., Ltd. C & C Joint Printing Co., (Beijing) Ltd.
     C & C Logistic Service Co., Ltd. C & C Joint Printing Co., (Beijing) Ltd.
     C & C Joint Printing Co.,  (Guangdong) Ltd. C Smart Technologies Co., Limited
     Shenzhen C & C Joint Printing Co., Ltd. Bisenet. com (a professional printing website media).
     Spring Cultural Innovation Development(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.Shanghai Security Printing Co., Ltd.,
    C & C RFID Shanghai Co., Ltd. 

    Besides, C&C has a number of overseas offices, including:  C & C Offset Printing Co., (N.Y.) Inc.,  C & C Offset Printing Co., (U.K.) Ltd., C & C Offset Printing Co., Ltd., France Branch Office, C & C Printing Japan Co., Ltd., and C & C Offset Printing Co., Ltd., Australia Office. In addition, C & C has entered into a number of joint ventures, in Shanghai , including:

    Shanghai Anji Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd.


    Altogether, C&C has over 3,500 employees to provide one-stop printing services to our customers.