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  • We Support the Printing Industry

    As part of the printing industry, C&C’s member companies and production bases welcomes visits by the local and overseas partners from the media, printing and publishing industries to share experience.


    C&C became the China Printing Standardization Technology Development Base for Commercial Web Offset on September 8, 2008. Working hand in hand with the National Technical Committee 170 in Printing of Standardization Administration of China, C&C assists to revise the China and international standardizations, further perfecting the printing standardization in order to improve printing quality and economic benefits.










    Bisenet.com is one of the largest printing and publishing professional websites in China. Over the past ten years, the total traffic of the website has exceeded 60 million. The website updates more than 1,000 articles every month, one-third is created or deeply processed by Bisenet.com.


    According to Alexa.com, which is a famous ranking website in the world, Bisenet.com has occupied a solid position at top in the field and became one of the most important media of Chinese printing industry.


    At present, Bisenet.com has 60,000 members and 100 technical support experts. It can provide information services and related services for printers, software developers, equipment manufacturers and dealers, publishers, printing colleges and universities, as well as printing associations.