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    C & C Education Foundation

    C&C also has taken initiatives to care for the society and care for the community, aiming at a concerted growth with the society. C&C has established a special “Hope Fund” in 2006 for assisting the development of education in developing areas in mainland China.


    In 2002, before the Hope Fund was found, C&C donated and built C&C Shuiyan Hope Primary School in Libo, Guizhou Province. Since then, the company has donated books, teaching aids and raised fund for renovating the school campus. In 2009, C&C launched a school building project in East Guangdong. The opening ceremony of the C&C Building in Longmu Central Primary School was held in June 11, 2010. In 2010, the C&C Hope Fund raised fund to build 10 rural libraries in Ju Zhong, Shandong Province. In early 2012, the C&C Scholarship (Grants) was established to improve students’ living conditions, and to encourage outstanding students and teachers.


    As a result of ten-year efforts, the C & C Hope Fund was incorporated as a non-profit-making Co., Ltd., in Hong Kong in 2012, i.e. the C & C Education Foundation Limited. In February 2013, the C & C Education Foundation has been approved as a tax-exempt Charitable Institution by Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Department. It will organize more corporate social responsibility activities and charity events in the future.


    Contact Us
    Our bank account details:
    Account name: C & C Education Foundation Limited
    Bank name: Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
    Account number: 012-571-1-020934-4

    Tel: (852)2666 4888       Tax: (852)2666 4889
    Email: ccef@candcprinting.com
    Website: www.candcprinting.com/foundation


    The Story of Printing: The History and Heritage of C&C

    The Story of Printing: The History and Heritage of C&C reveals a brief history of printing in China, especially the printing story of the two C’s in the past century and the evolution of C&C. C&C donated the income from the copyright royalty of the book to the company’s Hope Fund, in order to finance further corporate social responsibility projects.