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  • C&C History Research Committee

    C&C is the special blend of experience and expertise inherited from the two printing giants with a history over 100 years. The growth of C&C is also a reflection of the development of contemporary printing industry in China. Thus, conducting a comprehensive and systematic research on the history of C&C is essential for the company and the entire printing industry. C&C is willing and honoured to take up this responsibility, hoping to carry on the legacy.


    In celebration of C&C’s 30th anniversary, the company invited printing experts, retired and current senior staff member and leaders of the companies to form the C&C History Research Committee. The goal of the committee is to conduct in-depth and academic research of the company, especially the time after Chung Hwa Book Company and the Commercial Press merged. We plan to publish our project in the future, as a gift to the industry, the cultural community and everyone.

    The Story of Printing: The History and Heritage of C&C

    The Story of Printing: The History and Heritage of C&C reveals a brief history of printing in China, especially the printing story of the two C’s in the past century and the evolution of C&C. Selections of the company’s most important works and award-winning productions are printed on special papers in order to remake the original textures and the printing effects of the books. C&C donated the income from the copyright royalty of the book to the company’s Hope Fund, in order to finance further corporate social responsibility projects.