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  • Green Management

    Eco Friendly Manufacturing

    •  Installs new commercial offset printing presses with Concrete Colour System (CCS), in order to improving efficiency by reducing additional paper use and the time uses to tune the machines.


    •  Upgrades automatic register control system.

    •  Installs Concrete Colour System (CCS) in offset and flat sheet printing presses.

    •  Uses central water supply system in flat sheet print shops.

    •  Uses water-based lamination machines

    •  Uses environment-friendly cleaning solvent to substitute kerosene.

    •  Adopts non-volatile and high boiling point solvent in blanket & roller wash to substitute gasoline.

    •  Adopts environmental-friendly blanket and roller wash.

    •  Installs Water-based PP film lamination machine.

    •  Uses reusable plastic pallets to substitute wooden pallets.

    •  Uses electric forklifts to substitute fuel powered forklifts.





    •  Installs the Computer to Plate (CTP) and Digital Printing systems to replace the traditional plate-making. 97% of the products used CTP in 2009.


    •  Uses process-free CTP plates and CTP plate chemistry recycling system.


    •  Launches recycle scheme with suppliers and contractors for chemicals waste, used ink boxes and used printing cleaning clothes.






    •  Launches paper recycle scheme, handle over 10,000 tons of recycle paper every year.


    •  Offers print-on-demand service.


    •  Turning waste paper such as paper trimmings, paper scraps and materials into new paper products including notepads, memo-pad boxes, notebooks and gift boxes.




    •  Uses soybean inks.


    •  Installed Central-ink Supply System and reusable ink tanks in both offset and flat sheet print shops.





    •  Adopts Intelligent Lighting Systems.


    •  Daylight used at the new print shops. 


    Better Use of Energy


    •  Installs secondary combustion unit in the web offset presses to reduce hazard gas and meet the European emission standards.


    •  Uses exhausted heat generated from web presses to boost up a newly installed absorption chiller for generating chilled water of the air-conditioning system.


    •  Installed air temperature gasifier, improving LPG safety.