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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Being an integral part of the society, C&C believes that there is a necessity and an obligation to put in its best effort to take up social responsibility, for the benefit of the society and the environment, as sees it as a core value of the company.


    C&C commits to a high moral standard, hoping to strike the balance between profit and impact alongside our clients and working partners. C&C also has taken initiatives to care for the society and care for the community, aiming at a concerted growth with the society. C&C has established a special “Hope Fund” in 2006 for assisting the development of education in developing areas in mainland China. In 2012, the C &C Hope Fund was incorporated as C & C Education Foundation Limited in Hong Kong, a charitable institution of a public character.


    C&C's commitment to charity was recognized by the industry and the community. In 2006, C&C won the "CorporateSocial Responsibility Award"  from the "Hong Kong Print Awards". It was also continuously awarded the Caring Company by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service from 2010.

    Through an active commitment in taking up corporate social responsibility, C&C anticipates to have some positive contribution for the continuous and healthy development of the corporation, as well as for the development of a harmonious society.