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    C&C (Beijing) Launched Creative & Cultural Center

    C & C Joint Printing Co., (Beijing) Ltd. launched its Creative & Cultural Center with the name "Image in the Air" on 21 June, 2013. More than 100 guests from the industries of publishing, printing, art, media & cultural took part in this historic moment.

    The celebrities were invited to the opening ceremony of Creative & Cultural Center.

     Ms. Judy ZHU, Managing Director of C&C (Beijing), delivered a speech on the Ceremony.

    An exhibition performed the products at the Creative & Cultural Center.

     A huge folding fan painted by Ms. FENG Qian, a famous painting artist, was exhibited at the Center.

     Mr. LI Shuanke, President of Chinese National Geography Press, delivered a speech at the Ceremony.

    The Creative & Cultural Center received valuable gifts from the guests.

    A reproduction of the painting from Ms. FENG Qian, a famous painting artist, was displayed at the Center.

    The fine art products were displayed at the Center.

    The staff involved in the Ceremony had a photo together.

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