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    C&C Offset Business Solution Service

    C & C Offset Printing Company (Hong Kong) Limited is one of the leading international printers in HK, with a long history and good reputation. Equipped with advanced technologies and professional expertise, C&C is able to offer business solution to cope with the different customers’ needs. We offer commercial printing, such as paper bag, gift boxes, labels, gift coupon etc. In addition, we specialize in POSM production, non-paper product printing to meet customer needs.

    Contact Us

    Leo Yao leo.yau@candcprinting.com Tel: 26664914
    Eva Lai eva.lai@candcprinting.com Tel: 26664952






    Diary with PU leather cover, elastic strap for closure, embossed logo

    Chinese ethic cloth cover with cloth button

    Product catalog

    Cloth cover hard back

    Diary with PU leather cover, silver foil logo, with ribbon

    Diary with gold foil cover pattern hard back with ribbon



    Greeting card – with different types of special finishing (ex: gold foil)



    Security Coupons

    Gold foiled embossed lid and base box

    Paper bag

    Packaging boxes